The entrance of your words gives light. Psalm 119:130a

Psalm 119:11, NLT

“I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

Daily Prayer Request

Home Sweet Home

In the fall of 2000, we were looking for a house to accommodate us four, plus Faith’s Mom & Dad for extended periods. It wasn’t looking very hopeful at first. But then through a combination of generous sellers, and help from our families, God gave us this house, which is exactly what we needed. See the photos for descriptions of some of the features of our house.

The front of our house with dogwoods, redbuds, azaleas, and tulips blooming.

We’re blessed with a lot of flowers and shrubs that previous owners planted. Most of the yard is “natural”, which is fine with me. I have more important things to do than mow grass.

The upstairs porch was a 3 season sun-room, before we improved it a few years ago. Now it’s an all season dining and computer room. The daylight basement has it’s own kitchen. This makes it a perfect apartment for Faith’s Mom, who is with us about 6 months of the year.

This old shed, which is rapidly deteriorating into a shack, needs to be replaced. Would you like to come help me build a new one?

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