The entrance of your words gives light. Psalm 119:130a

Psalm 119:11, NLT

“I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

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Guinea-Bissau Project

Pictorial Report on the G-B Project

Pictures say thousands of words, and we took lots. Here are a few.

Part of the project is linking buildings with fiber-optic cable. Here we’re learning how to terminate the optical fiber. The man seated in the middle is Galen Stutzman. He will be my partner on the installation.

Fourteen solar panels will power the satellite internet system. We tested all of them prior to shipping. One was broken and had to be replaced. Pray that they will all arrive safely.

This building is being expanded and renovated to house the satellite system and translation offices.

These are just some of the Mother Tongue Translators and trainers who will benefit from improved power and internet access.

The dish we’ll install at the Lendem Center is similar to this one in Indonesia.

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